Details for Request For Proposals


REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS BOND COUNSEL The Town of St. Paul, Virginia is seeking proposals for Bond Counsel Services relative to the issuance of debt to finance planned improvement projects, the most immediate being an infrastructure project for a water line replacement on Fourth Avenue. This project is funded through the Virginia Department of Health. The contract for General Bond Council Services will be for one year, with a clause allowing the contract to be renewed in one year increments for two additional years. The services to be provided will include, but are not limited to: 1) Legality of the Bond Issuance, evaluating its compliance, in substance and procedure, including but not limited to federal securities laws and regulations, and federal and state tax laws and regulations; and other issues related to the Issuance as may be needed; 2) Preparing all documents related to the Issuance as deemed necessary, including but not limited to bond authorization, bond ordinance or resolution, indenture, prospectus, preliminary official statement, official statement and/or bond purchase agreement; 3) Issuing legal opinions, including opinions on the authorization, tax status and the binding effect of the Issuance and on the lawful use of the proceeds of the Issuance, as may be required for the Issuance; 4) Providing all legal documents required by the project funding agencies. Firms responding to this solicitation shall provide the following information: A. Briefly describe the nature of your firm's qualifications, bond counsel experience, and major fields of practice. B. Provide the location of your firm along with the names and brief resumes for the attorney who would be assigned to the Town of St. Paul. C. Describe the services the firm would provide as bond counsel. The Town reserves the right to waive any RFP requirement which is determined to be immaterial or a technicality, or reject any or all responses, if it deems such waiver or rejection to be in the best interest of the Town. For a copy of the complete RFP, you may contact Debora Baca at 276-762-5297 or by email at Proposals must be received in the Treasurer's Office of the Town Hall located at 16531 Russell St., St. Paul, Virginia 24283 by 4:00 p.m. on Monday, June 21, 2021. Proposals may be hand delivered or mailed to Debora Baca, Treasurer, Town of St. Paul, PO Box 66, St. Paul, VA 24283.


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