Jimmy Marcum
Dr. Jimmy Marcum has been the Assistant
Principal at Meadowview Elementary for the
past six years. Passionate about education,
he dedicates time to being a GED® instructor
at Mount Rogers Regional Adult Education
Program as well. Dr. Marcum has been involved
at MRRAEP for over three years, initially being a
career coach for students, working to help them
create a plan for their career search, crafting
resumes, and assisting with enrolling in college to further their education and skills. For the
past year and a half, Dr. Marcum has shifted from that role and is currently a GED® instructor.
He found that there are a variety of reasons adults sign up with MRRAEP. Many enroll to
obtain a GED®. For some the GED® means possible job advancement. For others, it is the
way to accomplish their goal of completing their education. He enjoys this work because the
organization is so well rounded in its services. “Hopefully, we are able to not only help them
achieve that goal, but to also help create and achieve a goal beyond obtaining the GED®like college enrollment and completion, earning a career readiness certificate, or landing a job
they have always wanted,” he says. Obtaining a GED® isn’t the only option for adults seeking
to advance themselves. MRRAEP offers courses to improve your soft skills for interviews
and training to get you prepared for the job you want. Dr. Marcum is quick to point out that
“the staff at MRRAEP are always ready to go the extra mile looking for new ways to provide
quality learning experiences for the adults in our region.”
When asked what inspires him to devote so much of his free time to furthering adult
education in our region, Dr. Marcum is quick to point out that the enthusiasm in the
classroom is contagious. Learning a new skill is thrilling and this excitement carries over
to others. He recounts a story of a particular student who needed his help in crafting a
resume. The student had a lot of work experience under his belt but was continually getting
overlooked when applying for positions that would advance his career. Dr. Marcum helped
him with interview skills and together they crafted a resume that put the student’s best foot
forward. Three months later the student called to say they just accepted a job paying three
times what they had made previously and that he was headed overseas for training with his
new company. The student credited the resume and training he received at MRRAEP for
allowing him to present himself in such a positive way and said that without that, he wouldn’t
have been given this opportunity. For Dr. Marcum, this is all part of the job. He daily sees so
much talent in this area and feels that it’s really a matter of connecting people with the right
resources. He says these things may seem small, but they are impactful. Even something as
simple as having a professional resume is important, which he saw firsthand with his student.
“You can change your life with something like that.”

If you are interested in furthering your education and skills
training, contact Mount Rogers Regional Adult Education
Program and let us help you take the next step in achieving
your goals. We offer high school, GED® prep, computer classes
for beginners, and career/job planning in several southwest
Virginia locations. Find complete information at or call 276-619-4399.




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