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6 recipes for incorporating wine, beer and spirits into holiday dishes, starting Nov. 11

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The air is crisp. Nights are long and dark. This is the time of year when people get into a cozy and celebratory mood, observing holidays and marking the transition of one year to the next with family and friends.

As glasses are raised and plates are passed in homes across the country, I've developed a series of recipes with a splash of holiday cheer. Beyond pairing the right beverage with the right dish, wine, beer and spirits elevate the flavor in savory as well as sweet recipes. In this six-video series, I'll show you how to braise short ribs with wine to ultimate tenderness, infuse bourbon into bread pudding, deepen the flavor of brownies with stout beer, add sparkle to risotto with prosecco, mix up a toast-worthy Champagne punch and even make red-wine salad dressing.

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