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Wandering Around Washington: Write-in votes went to some colorful characters in election

Wandering Around Washington: Write-in votes went to some colorful characters in election

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Joe Tennis

Joe Tennis

So what do Jesus Christ, Bigfoot, Snoopy, Mickey Mouse, Thomas Jefferson, Joe Biden and Donald Trump have in common when it comes to Washington County politics?

Well, all received write-in votes during the Nov. 2 election for three uncontested races for seats on the Board of Supervisors.

All three men in those board races were reelected.

Officially, they had no competition.

But that didn’t stop folks wanting to write in their own choices.

Let’s start with the long-serving Randy Pennington. He proved most popular in the election, garnering 2,668 votes.

Even so, 63 voters wrote in somebody else.

Like who?

Well, like Joe Biden, Bigfoot, Jesus and Karl Marx.

Somebody also thought Alfred E. Neuman — the mascot of MAD magazine — would do a better job than Pennington, at least according to a write-in vote.

But Pennington should be proud.

Seven people wrote in “Randy Pennington” against Mike Rush in the Damascus area of the county in the Board of Supervisors race.

And around Wallace and Bristol, five more joined the write-in crowd, voting for Pennington in the Wilson District against Dwayne Ball.

In all, Rush won 2,327 votes but faced 65 write-in votes.

Instead of Rush, three voted for Jordan Lowe.

Other write-in votes against Rush included Stuart Wright, Greg Cornett and James Denton.

“And I do have a write-in for Snoopy,” said Derek Lyall, the director of elections for Washington County.

Finally, let’s get back to Ball. He won 2,406 votes but faced 59 write-in votes.

Ball is the board’s chairman.

But one person voted for Mickey Mouse instead of Ball.

Another voted for Thomas Jefferson.

Other write-ins against Ball included former board member Vernon Smith — and, yes, two votes for Donald Trump.

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