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LETTER: Right to keep noisy dogs ends at boundaries with neighbors

LETTER: Right to keep noisy dogs ends at boundaries with neighbors

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I am writing in response to a letter from Kenneth Rowe in the July 15 edition. I first became aware of this issue about a year ago when one of his former neighbors (who moved in part of because of Rowe’s dogs) described the constant noise that these dogs make, especially all night long.

Apparently Mr. Rowe’s wife explained that her husband just loves his dogs, as if that makes the situation OK?!

So I ask anyone who loves dogs: Is a cage with many dogs in close quarters with little opportunity to properly exercise, have personal space or true relief from hot days or freezing nights … well and loved? We have an adjacent landowner who, after a few years, got rid of his caged dogs who howled and broke my heart every time I drove by. It was cruelty beyond belief akin to chaining them to a tree. It makes them mean and noisy.

Mr. Rowe says he owns his land and has a right to do what he wants.

But surely this right stops at his boundaries and should not stop people from being able to have a bed and breakfast or get a decent night’s sleep because of excruciating barks and howls, hours on end.

Mr. Rowe’s “rights” end when they impinge on other’s rights. It’s not neighborly, nor should it be legal.

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