These are indeed unsettling times. The issues are snowballing as years of corruption see the light of day. Elected officials praising destruction of public safety, property and local economies as a block party. Weak military officers and leaders apologizing for anything and everything they may have thought or done. Officials allowing and even encouraging destruction of our history, much like the Taliban. Officers being summarily tried and sentenced before being charged. Complaints of excessive force when an officer’s Taser is taken, not admitting that, if used, his service weapon becomes accessible to one shown to disregard legal authority. Those who suggest that resistance leads to confrontation are labeled and dismissed; to do so results in their faith being called into question.

We continue to be held captive by a cadre of politicians and medical professionals demanding compliance with practices of isolation, PPE usage and sanitizing practices proven ineffective by many in their ranks and through research. Our economy struggles because leaders who get paid regardless of whether they work or not require us to shelter in place instead of facing a virus that will decimate our ranks if we do not allow our natural immune system to respond as designed. Meanwhile, they offer pennies to appease us — pennies that add to our debt.

Finally, it is disheartening as the Democratic Party chooses a man as their candidate who demonstrates failing mental capacity and one that parrots the agenda discussed above.

Agree or disagree as you may, but pause to do the research and see the truth when the curtain is pulled back to reveal what our future holds if we continue down this destructive path. Those making ludicrous demands and tearing the very fabric of sanity will never be satisfied. As you kneel, do so in reverence of the USA.

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