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LETTER: With COVID-19, balance of power seems especially unbalanced

LETTER: With COVID-19, balance of power seems especially unbalanced

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Poor Donald. He got a positive test and had to go to the hospital. So far, having spent only three nights at the hospital, with a world-class medical team watching his every move, he is doing better than many victims who have contracted coronavirus. It seemed there was a faint glimmer of humility and compassion in a video when he thanked people for their concern and then announced, “I got it!” FINALLY, really? But having returned to the White House, he has resumed his abrasive and bitter communications to the world. “Don’t be afraid; don’t let this disease dominate your life!”

Plus when many people are still unemployed and are running out of resources, poor Donald, high on steroids, has decided to cut off any negotiations (indicating compromise) to provide the Americans and businesses any further financial assistance until he is reelected in November, leaving hundreds of thousands hurting and in despair.

On the other side, over 210,000 people have died in the U.S. from COVID-19. They may have contracted this disease because they were termed “essential” workers, who had no option of not working to protect their own health, or were unemployed because the pandemic closed the businesses where they worked, or had no medical insurance, leaving their families with not only loss of loved ones, but with huge expenses, or had no access to experimental and extreme treatment that the president received. They suffered considerably, fighting for breath, not sneaking out of the hospital to ride around town in an armored SUV for a photo op. Many died isolated and alone in the hospital, without direct contact with family members. This in a society where many of our children are going to bed hungry.

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