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LETTER: If Donald Trump is reelected, we will all weep for our country

LETTER: If Donald Trump is reelected, we will all weep for our country

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I recently saw a bumper sticker that read “Vote for Trump! Make Liberals Cry Again.” Over the years, the terms “liberal” and “conservative” seem to have lost their meanings. The dictionary defines a liberal as “one who is open to new ideas” and a conservative as “one who wishes to preserve the gains of the past.” I do not understand how these two terms have become associated with support or opposition to Donald Trump.

I think that most Americans, including myself, have personalities that encompass both of these values. The collapse of the coal industry and the devastating impact it has had on our local economy, combined with the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, suggests to me that our region and our country desperately need some new ideas.

I have a conservative side too. Growing up, Scouting was an important part of my life and helped to shape me into the man I am today. I earned both the Eagle Scout and God and Country awards. While the national Boy Scout organization has had its problems, the program’s basic tenets of decency, honor and love of God and country continue to express what I believe represent the core of American values and the characteristics of effective leadership.

I will be voting for Joe Biden this year because I believe that our country needs new ideas — and yes, I am open to them. I will be voting for Joe Biden because I believe that he personifies the basic conservative American values of decency, honor and respect for God and country.

If Donald Trump is reelected, both my conservative and liberal sides will cry. We will weep for our country.

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