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LETTER: This year, I will hold my nose and vote against the abortion party

LETTER: This year, I will hold my nose and vote against the abortion party

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By now most people have made up their mind on who they will vote for prior to or on Nov. 3. Both sides have drunk their particular flavor of Kool-Aid and are awaiting the chaos that will probably ensue due to an unusually large amount of mail-in ballots, claims by both sides of a “rigged election,” both sides already declaring that they won’t concede defeat, etc. (a strong argument for having a full Supreme Court prior to the election).

We hear how crucial this election is. I agree, and here’s why: In years past, elections didn’t really change our lives much on a daily basis. Sometimes our taxes would go up, sometimes down. A law would be passed occasionally that might impact us personally, but overall life went on as it always had. This time, it’s different. Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee in a new book has pointed out that our nation has prospered due to three things; capitalism, Christianity and our Constitution. I agree.

Unfortunately, the Democratic Party has swung so far to the left that they are wanting to replace capitalism with socialism, Christianity (absolute truth and morals) with secularism (relativistic truth and morals), and our Constitution by calling it a “living document,” which can be changed on a whim. They are planning on doing away with the Electoral College, increasing the size of the Supreme Court and making Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia states. Oh, and for good measure, doing away with the filibuster. These are all radical changes to our society that the Founding Fathers in their wildest dreams could never have imagined.

Just like 2016, I will hold my nose and vote against the abortion party and hope for the best.

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