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LETTER: As in past, USA's inherent rebel spirit causing troublesome rift

LETTER: As in past, USA's inherent rebel spirit causing troublesome rift

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Questioning authority has always been a central theme of the American spirit. Today we are seeing that mentality front and center from both sides of the political spectrum.

Over the past few weeks, many businesses and local governments have been mandating that facial coverings be worn in public. The stakes of not following that order are becoming more and more inconvenient for those that choose to not comply. I personally have no problem wearing masks and do so most every time I am in public.

However, the threat from the government to revoke business licenses or even fine small businesses for serving a patron without a mask is a gross overreach of government power.

I am sure many folks in Southwest Virginia and Northeast Tennessee will go out of their way to continue to frequent businesses without masks to make a stand and prove a point on the mask debate. On the contrary, many of the recent protests we have seen in our area and across the nation are made up of people who no longer believe a police officer has the right to make demands of a citizen or reprimand a person for violating our society’s laws.

How many videos of police brutality have we seen that stem from a person refusing to do what the deputized officer is demanding of them? Why not just comply and do what the officer says? Why not just comply and wear the mask? Americans have an inherent rebel spirit, and just as it did 160 years ago, that rebellion is causing a major split in society that spells trouble for the future.

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