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Your View | Baby formula bias

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Our representative in Washington is telling everyone that President Biden is to blame for the baby formula crisis. Why would he do this? Because he has no contribution to make in Congress — having decided that gridlock is the best kind of government. Let’s look at the real story behind the baby formula crisis:

1. Conservative populists (especially Trump, with whom Morgan Griffith remains in lockstep) have made it possible for a very few formula companies to dominate the U.S. market by making it hard for European formula makers to sell here. So the formula crisis is partly the result of Republican trade policy.

2. The pandemic (which Trump and Griffith constantly dismissed as no worse than the flu) has particularly disrupted the supply chain for manufacturing of formula within the U.S. If Trump and his loyalists had handled the pandemic properly from the start, the formula crisis might have been less severe. But to blame it on Biden makes no sense.

3. Abbott Labs was found (by federal inspectors) to have sold some contaminated baby formula, and the FDA (acting properly for the safety of our infants) halted the Abbott formula manufacture until they could guarantee safety.

So why would Griffith ignore all this? He is certainly smart enough to know the truth. But he has forgotten he was supposed to be a public servant and instead is now a Trump servant completely out of touch with the needs of ordinary people in Southwest Virginia. Lacking anything positive to offer, he is under orders from Trump to spread lies and conspiracy theories.

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