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LETTER: Worried about socialist relief check? Trash it, don't cash it

LETTER: Worried about socialist relief check? Trash it, don't cash it

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If you are a Republican worried about socialism and you plan on getting the $1,400 COVID relief check from the U.S government, trash it, don’t cash it. Stand behind your GOP legislators, all of whom cowardly voted “no” on this social welfare bill, even though the majority of Americans voiced support for it. These shameless legislators are so far removed from daily life that they do not care about those hurting, homeless and hungry, or the small business folks who are going bankrupt. I suspect most Trump supporters do not know the difference between socialism and communism, so they are scared of both. So be a Proud Boy and burn your check.

There is bad socialism, think pseudo-Marxist Venezuela, and good socialism, such as the new Democratic initiatives to pull us out of this tragic pandemic. If you get Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, disability, unemployment or any other government benefit, then you are taking advantage of the best aspects of socialism. Franklin Roosevelt would agree. If perchance you do break down and cash that check, remember where it came from, and do the right thing at the voting booth next election.

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