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LETTER: Abingdon needs to have a plan to replace trees that are being cut down

LETTER: Abingdon needs to have a plan to replace trees that are being cut down

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Hey, Abingdon! Today you took down three magnificent sycamores on Court Street, and about a week ago, another tree on Main Street — one that didn’t even have a yellow notice on it, if memory serves — got the axe. A giant hemlock at Fields-Penn is slated for the chopping block, as is another sycamore along the creek at the end of Valley Street. More and more trees are disappearing from our streets, and before anyone trots out the “legal” reasons, blah blah blah, how about doing THIS instead: Tell the citizens what you’re planning on doing to REPLACE the trees you’re cutting. People come to this town for its beauty and hometown appeal, not perfect curbs. It’s hard to sell tourism in a place where no trees exist to provide shade or fall color. So before you chop another trunk, TELL US what’s going to be planted NEXT? I mean, you do have a plan to do this, right?!

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