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LETTER: Griffith votes against needs of his district's constituents

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No one has done more to harm the people of the Ninth District than Congressman Morgan Griffith.

1. As of 2017, the Ninth District had the highest poverty rate of any Virginia congressional district, at 18.7%.

2. The Ninth District is the most Republican district in the state.

3. Morgan Griffith voted to prevent each of his constituents receiving the $1,200, against the $600 and against the $1,400.

4. Morgan Griffith voted against these counties in his district receiving this stimulus money.

Washington — $10,422,542

Wise — $7,250,203

Smyth — $5,838,485

Russell — $5,156,191

Lee — $4,542,747

Scott — $4,182,593

Buchanan — $4,073,596

Dickenson — $2,776,888

Bristol, Virginia, is expected to receive more than $3 million while the city of Norton is expected to receive around $1 million.

Morgan Griffith thinks you don’t need or deserve the stimulus money. Morgan Griffith thinks that these counties and cities don’t need or deserve the $44 million.

We are in a worldwide pandemic, record unemployment, child care is a critical issue, government revenue is down while services must continue, and the congressman representing the district with the highest poverty rate in the state voted NO to giving us any help.


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